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Top 5 Apps for Tekwomen

We can no longer live without our phones and that is okay.

Let's just embrace it at this point!

However, if we are going to depend on this rectangular thingy so much, we might as well make sure that we have what we need on it.


There are many apps out there that help you track your monthly friend (or enemy). However, I have to say that CLUE is my all-time favorite. There are many reasons why women should log and track their periods. Aside from being the NO.1 recommended period tracker, Clue allows women to log their period flow, symptoms, emotions, energy levels and so much more. Clue also predicts your period, PMS, and fertility.

How many times have you had a late night in the office and had to walk through a dark parking garage or perhaps you had a late gym workout session and feel a little uneasy walking to your car alone? Maybe you just want some sort of companion when you feel you may be in an unsafe situation. Well, I am happy to say "There is an app for that." Its called NoonLight and all you have to do is launch the app and hold down the blue button on the center of your screen. If you feel you are in danger, let go of the button and the police will be called to your location immediately. Noonlight also connects with other devices such as Alexa, Google home and more.

I can't say how many times the Venmo app has saved me when I accidentally left my wallet at home or perhaps wanted to split a bill. Venmo is an app that allows you to pay friends and family using the bank account or debit card you have linked in your Venmo app. It also allows you to include a comment with each of your transactions so you can communicate what the money transfer or payment was intended for. I love that the app is platform and bank independent. As long as the sender and receiver both have the Venmo app, money can be transferred.

Whenever someone asks me for a good organization and productivity app, I always blurt out “TRELLO!" before they can even finish their question! I have been using Trello for over 3 years now and simply cannot live without it. The app offers a genius user interface built on the Kanban concept of “boards” and “cards." Imagine being able to organize all your projects into individual boards filled with sticky notes of tasks to complete. Now imagine being able to also add documents, photos, links, due dates, tags, etc. to those sticky notes…that is Trello in a nutshell! You can also invite teams to your boards and collaborate on projects together! Trello tells you what is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in a process! You can also set up notifications and receive reminders when a particular task is due or when someone mentions you. You can also sync those due dates to "your" iCalendar feed. Trust me, you will love this app. You can thank me later.

I don't know about you, but I am the WORST when it comes to directions. It is one of the reasons why I love the WAZE app. Waze is a free driving directions app that provides you with real-time updates from other drivers. It is crowd-sourcing at its finest.

Waze allows you to preview driving directions and arrival times before you go, it provides you with shortcuts and live traffic updates, allows you to report accidents for other drivers nearby and so much more. I also love how useful it is internationally as well. I recently traveled to Costa Rica and the Waze app saved my life! This app is an absolute must-have.

What apps do you use and love? Share in the comments below.

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