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Side Winder by Fuse

Where has this product been all my life!?


After using this product for a few months, it begs the question why Apple never came up with this solution for their MacBook Chargers?

"It feels more like a necessity!"


The design and manufacturing of the Side Winder by Fuse is simple and effective. It makes carrying your MacBook charger less of a hassle. Truthfully…it just makes sense!

The Side Winder by Fuse

The Side Winder by Fuse must be the best MacBook accessory out there today! This brilliant tool allows you to wind and store your charger with ease. If you are a neat freak (like myself) you will LOVE how this product helps you stay clutter-free. I don’t know why I had not discovered this product sooner, but I am definitely glad to own one. It feels more like a necessity!



The Side Winder by Fuse is compatible with MagSafe (1&2) and USB-C Charger types (power adapters). The MacBook Power Charger comes in various different wattages; however, the Side Winder is compatible with  45W, 60W, 61W, 85W and 87W Chargers.


Still not sure if your Charger will fit? Check out the page “Does your charger fit?” for sizing information.

Physical Appearance


The Side Winder comes in one color - white. It matches beautifully with your existing MacBook Charger. The Side Winder measures 7” in length, 5.5” in height and 1.12” in width. It provides a perfectly snug fit for your MacBook Charger. 



Assembling the MacBook Side Winder Reel is quite simple:

  • First you will need to identify the Charger Type and wattage of your MacBook Adapter.

  • Open the Side Winder by pushing the side tab and pulling it open.

  • Depending on your specific wattage, you will need to follow the instructions provided and add or remove the Fuse provided inserts to ensure your charger fits properly and snug.

    • Note - For the USB-C adapters, the standard Apple supplied USB-C cable will not work. You will need to swap it out for the FUSE supplied USB-C cable (very easy step). 

  • Once inserts and cables have been addressed (based on type/size) you can move on to the next step.

  • Once the proper inserts are snapped in, you will place the charger in the Side Winder ensuring the cables align with their slots.

  • Next snap the side winder shut and begin to turn the reel clockwise to wind and store your MacBook Charger.

  • It truly is that simple


If you absolutely hate reading through instructions, then you’re in luck! Videos for setup of all MacBook Charger types and sizes can be found here!



I travel with my MacBook quite often and always need to pull out my laptop in random places. I can either find myself very close to a power outlet or sometimes very far from one. Being constantly on the go means I don’t have time to unravel 12 feet worth of Charger cables to get some juice for my MacBook.


One of my favorite aspects of the Side Winder by Fuse is how easy and smoothly my MacBook Charger unwinds and winds. I have yet to experience an incident where my Charger cables became stuck using the Side Winder Reel. Also, I really enjoy having control over how much cable to unwind, which can be really convenient if you are close to a power outlet and don’t need 12 feet worth of cable. (see clips below)

Overall the Side Winder keeps your MacBook Charger cord compact and neatly stored, taking up less space in your bag. It makes traveling with your MacBook Charger effortless.


Truly, one of the best MacBook accessories out in the market!


-Caroline Saavedra

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